BindExpress Policy is a completely web-based policy administration system for all lines of business. Its intuitive, user-friendly screens boast a “no training required” web standard. With BindExpress Policy, not only can you create an unlimited number of user roles (underwriter, agent, etc.) – each with unique function, security and workflow – but you can also set up specific rights and controls on an individual user basis – the ultimate in customization!

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Integrated with BindExpress Rating, Underwriting, Billing, and Claims, BindExpress Policy enables underwriters to focus their time on exceptions, allowing for straight through processing for the best risks, and automatic rejection for the worst.


Key Strengths:

  • Thousands of configuration options reduce system set-up time and implementation cost, and dramatically lower ongoing maintenance costs

  • Easy endorsement review and analysis - snapshot view of changes between policy versions

  • Robust, flexible security settings: you can enable/disable rights and controls on a single user basis

  • Straight through processing – Underwriters can focus on exception processing

  • Access to all documents with just a few clicks -- even for expired policies!

  • Robust document creation and distribution

    • Prepares files for onsite/offsite fulfillment centers

    • Automatic upload, indexing, storage, retrieval of photos and other files

  • Powerful Client system enables cross selling products, consolidated mailing for lower postage costs

  • Easy address maintenance 

  • Supports out-of-sequence and two-term endorsements … even two-term, out-of-sequence!

  • Powerful notes component improves communications by keeping all notes between all parties tied to the policy, eliminating unnecessary phone calls, paper retrieval, and “forensic email research” when questions arise

  • Individual users can configure their own screen and search preferences

  • Rich administration functions enable business people to maintain many things normally requiring technical resources, dramatically lowering cost of ownership

  • Built-in monitoring of historical user access to the system

  • Snapshot views of changes between policy versions enable easy endorsement review and analysis