Supported by BindExpress , Fremont Insurance Rated Michigan's Top Insurance Company By Agents. 

Fremont received the highest average company score by placing at, or near, the top of all nine categories in the survey. Fremont was ranked as the top agency in the Competitiveness, Service: Commercial Lines, Automation, Underwriting Attitude and Management categories. 

"For Fremont Insurance to receive such high praise in a high-profile survey that comes directly from the agents, is a tremendous honor," said Richard E. Dunning, President and CEO of Fremont Insurance.  "It's a great validation of our customer-first approach to working with our partners and demonstrates their appreciation of our open and accessible management style, our diverse product offering and our ongoing efforts to provide the tools and systems they need to be successful."



ProActive Pricing - Legacy systems were keeping AACC from an improved rating and pricing formula.

SpeedBuilder Systems, Inc  partnered with American access casualty Company (AACC) to upgrade legacy systems to improve their rating and pricing formula to stay competitive and be more proactive.  "We wanted to improve speed-to-market and minimize any potential rating errors that would come through more a complex programming arrangement that was underlying our legacy system and how rating and pricing folded into that more complex technology," says Matt Resnicek, Director of Product and Pricing for AACC.  "When we look at the SpeedBuilder platform to do our rating and essentially be the single point for real-time connections, we see that as a way to epxand distribution through technical capability, primarily by opening up distribution options for our independent agent partners", says Reznicek.


Marlabs partners with SBS to  offer IT solutions  to Property  and Casualty Insurers.

Marlabs, Inc., a global provider of innovative software services that improve operational efficiency and competitive advantage, today announced a long-term partnership with SpeedBuilder Systems, Inc. The relationship will extend SBS’s BindExpress Policy Suite to Marlabs’ P&C insurance customers, improving their business agility and time-to-market for all product rates, rules, and forms delivery. Marlabs will provide implementation, integration and testing services to help insurers rapidly deploy SBS solutions, as they seek to lower time to value and drive digital transformation.

“SBS has a very compelling, end-to-end policy processing platform for P&C insurers. We believe that our customers will greatly benefit from the best practices that underpin their products as well as the considerable scalability and robustness of the technology,” said Jay Nair, COO, Marlabs. “We have worked informally with SBS for over 10 years, and are pleased to be partnering with them long-term as we expand their solutions throughout the P&C insurance space.”

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