In a claims environment, customer satisfaction requires consistent communication and timely processing of claims, only made possible with an easy-to-use, robust system.  The most recent addition to the BindExpress Suite, BX-Claims was designed to give internal and external claims professionals immediate web access to verify coverage, review claims records, process payments, and seamlessly communicate with all necessary parties. 

As with all other BindExpress modules, BX-Claims offers hundreds of configuration options to customize the processes and requirements needed for your claims organization.

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Key Strengths:

  • Customer/Agent Portal

  • Robust FNOL

  • Multi-level Structure – One occurrence with multiple features per coverage type

  • Coverage Verification at the time of report

  • Authority Levels enable power users to override coverage issues.

  • Automatic Initial Reserve per Coverage Type per Line of Business

  • Automatic or Manual Adjuster Assignment per Feature.

  • Automatic and Manual Diary

  • Extensive Claims Notes.

  • Supports TPA access to receive assignments and process claim

  • Configurable Security to control who has access to what

  • Capability to Upload Document/Photos/Estimates into Claims File

  • Users can create/generate correspondence documents and letters

  • Access to Policy System and Underwriting Notes

  • Reserves and Incurred Loss Transactions History

  • Payment Log

  • Subrogation and Salvage Processing

  • Claims Reports to Track and Monitor Outcomes and Monitor Processes

  • Reinsurance Reporting

  • Executive dashboards for analyzing efficiency 

  • Many Third Party Integrations