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Insurance Policy Processing Made Easy

BindExpress Policy is a completely web-based policy administration system for all lines of business. Its intuitive, user-friendly screens boast a “no training required” web standard. With BindExpress Policy, you can set up an abundance of user roles (underwriter, CSR, agent, insured, etc.), assigning unique functions, controls, and workflows to each role or user – the ultimate in customization!




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Flexible Creation of Rates and Rules

Integrated with BindExpress Rating, Underwriting, Billing, and Claims, the BindExpress Policy Administration system lets you create rules to automatically accept the best risks and reject the worst, so your underwriters can focus on the underwriting exceptions, where human expertise is required.

Other Key Features of the Software Include:


Flexible Settings

Flexible security settings to enable and disable rights and controls on a single user or role basis at any time.

Reduce Costs

Thousands of configuration options reduce system setup time, implementation costs, and ongoing maintenance costs

All Access

Access to all documents and forms - even for expired policies -- with just a few clicks!

Improved Communication

A notes component ensures all commmunications between agents, underwriters and even insureds are stored with the policy for quick and easy access, eliminating the need for tiresome email research and unnecessary phone calls.


Individual users can customize their own screen view, worklists, and search preferences to improve their workflow and time management

Easy Review

Historical user access to the system is stored for easy review



Learn More About BindExpress Administration From an Expert

These are just a few of the many benefits of using BindExpress software from SpeedBuilder Systems for your policy administration process. It’s an intuitive and user-friendly design that requires virtually no training for anyone who will be accessing the software. BindExpress Policy can be integrated with any of our other software solutions to better meet your total insurance product processing needs. Ready to learn more about this web-based product that can make business much more efficient? Contact our team to learn more today.