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BindExpress Billing is a web-based solution which handles your receivable and billing needs. BindExpress Billing supports a wide variety of pay plans and handles all payment receipt exceptions including short pays, overpayments, and endorsements. All bill plans, taxes, fees, surcharges, and pay-plan charges are easily configured through product configuration. BindExpress billing supports EFT, recurring credit card payments, as well as bulk payments.


Key Strengths:

  • Flexible insurer defined pay plans with table-based configuration setup

  • Configurable responses for installment adjustment based on short-pay, over-pay, endorsements, etc.

  • Supports electronic insured payments, including recurring credit card and ACH (EFT)

  • Provides enhanced controls for capturing batch receipts

  • Enhanced Unapplied Cash handling features with direct system refund capabilities

  • Supports commission processing on a written, paid, or collected basis

  • Users can change payment plan with just a few clicks, effective immediately.

  • Collect payments by cash, credit card, EFT, agency sweep – any available method.

  • Bill tolerance features reduce “nuisance” clerical work:

    • Small amounts due can automatically roll forward (exceptions for final bill)

    • Auto write-off if the amount due is less than $“X”

    • Roll forward amount due to renewal

  • Supports all Commission types, including:

    • Paid basis

    • Written basis

    • Invoiced basis

  • A library of canned reports, including multiple reports for:

    • Direct, In-Force, and Advance Premium

    • Accounts Receivable

    • Cash Controls

    • Check Registers

    • Commissions

    • Written Tax, Fees and Surcharges

All reports segregate data by company, important, e.g., to reinsurance auditors and MGA’s who write for multiple markets.

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