Key Strengths:

  • Underwriter Audit Screen lets management/auditors compare automated rules decisions with the final underwriter’s decisions.

    • Are underwriter decisions in compliance?

    • Analyze by rule severity, underwriter, agency, etc.

  • BX maintains each version of all policy endorsements, allowing review of the policy, documents, rating, and forms as they existed at each point in time.

  • A spreadsheet shows exactly how the policy was rated, including each input value (limits), each rating factor, and all calculations, in an easy-to-follow, step-by-step format.

  • All billing detail, including invoice generation, payments received, pay plan changes, etc.

  • A central repository of detailed Policy Notes shows everything that happened to the policy, including such things as:

    • The user who created it, and when (same for when it was bound, endorsed, cancelled, renewed, etc.)

    • All policy-related communications (including emails) between underwriters and agents during the underwriting process

    • Any files, images, inspection documents that relate to the policy

    • Underwriter and other notes viewable only by internal users​


Robust audit capability is essential for managing a healthy insurance business – particularly in today's hardened market.  From ensuring that your filed rates are being deployed to market correctly, to assessing the performance of key employees, the ability for a manager or chief underwriter to perform underwriter audits is an indispensable benchmark for monitoring compliance and performance.

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