A Better Business Model

SpeedBuilder Systems, Inc. (SBS) focuses on software tools and services that:

  • Enable insurance companies and MGA's to get products to market faster

  • Grow sales using best-of-breed agent web portals

  • Improve underwriting results

Using leading edge, platform-neutral technologies, we can lower the total cost of owning your IT infrastructure.

To be successful, SpeedBuilder Systems applies five key principles:

  1. Hire only the best of the best, and motivate them properly

  2. Maintain the highest moral  standards in all relationships

  3. Think long-term for our clients, delivering platform-neutral solutions

  4. Stay informed about the latest technologies and advanced development tools

  5. Continually seek to improve the processes used throughout our company

Business People Talking

Our results-based business model keeps the focus where it should be: 

      On what you, the client,  

     consider to be important

 If you need specific results delivered at a reasonable cost, especially when time-to-market matters.  Give us a call now.


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