SpeedBuilder Systems, Inc

              "When time-to-market matters..."

SpeedBuilder Systems, Inc. develops web-based, enterprise-class solutions for small-to-medium sized insurance companies for all P&C lines of business. The BindExpress Suite offers a configurable, easy-to-use platform for carriers, MGA's, agents, underwriters, claims professionals, and consumers to interact. 
Thousands of built in configuration options support quick user set-up, effortless business rules, and flexible process customization. 
The BindExpress AlwaysCurrent™ architecture is the only market solution that enables clients to customize the system as desired, yet accept all product updates and enhancements at any time, without retrofitting the customized code!
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BindExpress   Suite

The BindExpress Suite is an integrated set of components architected to work together as a system, or separately with legacy systems and third party products. It's underlying technologies are both platform independent and database agnostic.

Policy Administration

BindExpress Policy is a completely web-based policy administration system for all lines of business. Its intuitive, user-friendly screens boast a “no training required” web standard.

Claims Administration

BindExpress Claims is an easy-to-use, web-based solution for end-to-end claims processing. You can track multiple features with multiple adjusters on the same claim, and even track subro and salvage separately by feature. 

Billing & Premium

BindExpress Billing and Accounting will handle all of your invoicing, payment, and premium accounting needs. Business users can create and customize a wide variety pay plans, invoice delivery, and credit card payment options.


Robust audit capability is essential for managing a healthy insurance business.  The ability for a manager or chief underwriter to perform underwriter audits is an indispensable benchmark for monitoring compliance and performance.


The BindExpress Product Configurator enables business professionals to quickly build automated rating and underwriting models and deploy them to production -- with no help from IT!  


Value Insurance Goes LIVE With BindExpress Software-as-a-Service. Offering Non-Standard Auto in AL.